Making the Right Choice for Your Needs

Choosing the right strap management solution depends on individual needs and requirements.

What are Your Strap Management Requirements?

Assessing your strap management requirements is crucial in determining the right solution for your needs. Not all solutions are beneficial for every cargo control situation, so consider the below requirements before making a decision to solve your strap management needs.


  • Long-term durability
  • Use of existing ratchet straps
  • Use of straps over 12 feet long
  • Different length straps for different scenarios
  • An affordable bulk option
  • Customized color and logo options
  • A USA made product


  • Automatic operation
  • A truck bed solution or enclosed trailer
  • Straps only 12 feet long and under

Are you a Contractor or Business Owner?

Contractors and business owners who run fleets or crews should consider the following:

  • Do I trust my employees to properly tie off loose strap ends when loading?
  • Do I trust my employees to properly store ratchet straps to increase efficiency on the next job?
  • Will the appearance of our fleet/trucks build my customer's trust in our work and attention to detail?
  • Do I want a solution that allows customization to my company’s color and logo?


In the battle of Strap Lizard vs. Retractable Ratchet Straps, the verdict is out! While both have their strengths and quirks, the Strap Lizard emerges as the most beneficial and versatile option in strap management. Its innovative design and ease of use makes strapping down loads a breeze, leaving us wondering how we ever lived without it. However, retractable ratchet straps still shine in specific scenarios, proving versatility is key. So, whether you're a contractor hauling equipment or materials, a thrill seeker getting that OHV to the trails, or a weekend warrior DIYer picking up materials at a big box store, choose wisely based on your needs.