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Introducing Strap Lizard, your ultimate ratchet strap solution! Strap Lizard is designed to dramatically improve your ratchet strap experience, easily storing up to 16 feet of strap. And no more tying knots--Strap Lizard winds up excess strap during loading, making your tie-downs quick and effortless. Whether you're a professional hauler, an outdoor adventurer, or simply someone who appreciates organization and efficiency, Strap Lizard is for you.

Improve your ratchet strap experience today!

    Note: Works with your existing straps between 1 and 1-3/8" wide and up to 16 feet long (1,000lb capacity rating). Order includes (1) Strap Lizard. Assembly required. Ratchet strap not included.



    It's time to kick the bucket... of tangled straps! Strap Lizard is the ultimate ratchet strap organization solution. With Strap Lizard, you'll never have to waste your time untangling a mess of straps again. Whether you have a job to do, a trail to ride, or a river to float, Strap Lizard gets you on the road to your destination fast!


    Strap Lizard eliminates the need to tie off excess strap ends while loading by easily winding up the strap tail and securing to the tensioned strap. Say goodbye to complicated knots that take time away from your customer's job or a cabin weekend with the fam. Strap Lizard simplifies your load-up workflow and gets you on the road--no BS.


    Have you ever cut your long straps down to size when you consistently have some smaller loads, only to realize you still need long straps every now and then? Strap Lizard adds versatility to your long straps, allowing you to use as much or as little strap as you need, with any excess remaining wound up inside its casing. It's one strap to rule them all!


    Every business owner knows that a first impression goes a long way, and presenting as professional at all times is a must. Strap Lizard is the best way to give your customers the assurance that you care about the details. We've all seen that suspect trailer with the straps flailing on the highway. Don't be that guy--show that you care, with Strap Lizard.

    See the Difference

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    No, Strap Lizard is meant to be used with the ratchet straps you likely already have lying around!

    Strap Lizard is compatible with straps between 1 and 1-3/8 inches wide, 16 feet long, and 1,000lb capacity.

    Note: A higher capacity strap, will decrease the length that can fit in Strap Lizard. The opposite is also true--a lower capacity strap will increase the amount of strap that will fit in Strap Lizard.

    Yes, Strap Lizard is designed for fast and easy operation making it easy to use for all experience levels.

    Yes, Strap Lizard comes with a (1) year warranty for any failures due to manufacturing defects.

    Strap Lizard is made with the same plastic composition as many parts you can find on many ATV products. It can take a serious beating without compromising its smooth operation.

    American MADE

    Family-owned and operated in Minnesota

    (1) Year Warranty

    Extra peace of mind


    Email us for US-based support

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    kevin eitel
    Strap lizard

    Awesome 💯

    Dan C
    Great product!

    They were shipped fast and very easy to set up. Makes life so much better with storage and travel with the excess strap all conveniently contained.

    Matt Stevens
    Great product

    I really like the idea of neat straps, and less tangle! It is a little on the bulky side so may get in the way sometimes, but all in all great product.

    Tim C
    Facebook Video that actually resulted in incredible product

    I have tried tying up my straps in various ways and always have them come loose. I saw a video for the strap lizard and thought I’d give it a try and wow they are amazing. Super helpful and easy to use, have recommended them to several people!

    Jim Nelson
    Strap problems solved

    Bought 4. No more wasting time untangling straps. No more wasting time tying the loose end somewhere on the trailer. No more strap ends fraying from flapping in the wind. Rolls up in seconds when you’re done .